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Glenlivet Scotch Whisky

Posted on 15 April 2009

Glenlivet is the sort of scotch whisky that resonates throughout the world.  Particularly popular in America due to the way it embodies a traditional scotch whilst still selling at some great prices online.  Producing some of the most famous malts in the world might make you think that the prices are hefty, but we can assure you that the same taste, texture and quality wont be found for as cheap. Available with Worldwide Shipping.


Buy Glenlivet Whisky Because


                                                What made The Glenlivet the definitive single malt as early as the 1840s is still true today…

These are the three key points that distinguish The Glenlivet from other Speyside malts, three things that have been true to the Glenlivet  since George Smith first began distilling his whisky.

1. The natural, mineral rich spring water from Josie’s Well.
2. The taller, wider stills: an innovation of George Smith himself.
3. And the very careful, slow maturation of the whisky.

The waters of Josie’s Well have an unusually high minerality – assisted by the limestone that runs beside the distillery, which helps during mashing (the whisky making process.) The high proportion of sugars creates a unique composition of flavour compounds during fermentation when the yeast is added.

The Glenlivet sits very high up – 900 metres above sea level. The high altitude lowers the boiling point during distillation of the precious spirit.

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