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Glenturret Single Malt

Posted on 27 January 2008

Glenturret Distillery


Glenturret single malt whisky originates from one of the oldest Scottish distilleries where production started as far back as 1775 – the distillery located north of Crieff, Perthshire. Originally known as ‘Hosh’ after the small village near the distillery the name Glenturret was first adopted in 1875.

Although one of the smaller distilleries, it has employed the same traditional production methods for over 200 years, and the complex single malt produced has won many accolades including several international gold medals.
This single malt is rich, highly complex and comes in a range of maturites which are always in great demand.

The visitor centre houses ‘The Famous Grouse Experience’ and is well worth a visit.

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